2World Travel (Cambodia)

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A world of treasures Cambodia today occupies only a small corner of the former Khmer Empire, with the surface area of 181,035 square kilometers, and 12 million inhabitants, 90 percent of whom are Khmer and the remaining 10% are Vietnamese, Cham, Chinese and hill tribes. 95% of Cambodians are Theravada Buddhist. Being the former Empire of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a highly civilize nation, a nation of long history and rich culture. Over a thousand of magnificent ancient stone temples decorated with fine bas relief are found in almost every part of the country.

Among those, the famous Angkor Wat is the one that make Cambodia re-known to the world. Beside, it is also a country boast with stunning natural scenery. The tropical climate and rich alluvial soil are good for the agricultural production. Its dense rain forests are the home of elephants, tigers and many other wild animals. Its lakes, rivers, hundreds kilometer long of white sandy beach are other attractions make Cambodia a full-fledged tourist destination. Despite the hard times that have confronted by Cambodian people in the past, they are very hospitable hosts who always welcome visitors with a warm, heartfelt smile.

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