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Kompong Thom is a province located at the central point of Cambodia, is approximately 162 Km from Phnom Penh City.
The province has a total land area 13,814 square kilometers and the population is approximately 569,060.
The province has road net work which links from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap on National Road 6, and separates to Preah Vihear on National Road 64 in a distance of 126 Km.

Ku Hak Nor Kor Temple
The site of Ku Hak Nor Kor has 40,000-square meter land area (200 Meters X 200 Meters) located at the area of Ku Hak Nor Kor pagoda, at Tro Dok village, Pong Ror commune, Ba Ray District in 96-kilometer distance from Phnom Penh capital, then turning left more two kilometers by a red-soil trail.

Is the cultural and historical site located at Sam Bor village, Sam Bor commune, Pra Sat Sam Bor District in 37-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kampong Thom by the National Road No.64, and is a former capital named Ey San Borak and religious center dedicated to Siva.

Sam Bor Prey Kuk temple made of solid brick and some late-rite stone with sculpture decorated. The artistic fronton, Sar Sar Pich and doorframe are made of sandstone.

Sam Bor Prey Kuk temple was built during the reign of the king; Ey San Varman I in 7th century the temple has been abandoned since 1971 and re-arranged in 1980. There are 140 temples have been found in the forest and other two temples have not yet been found.

Is the ancient pagoda. 1,750-meter distance from Located at Pra Sat Village, San Kor Commune, Kampong Svay District in 193-kilometer distance from Phnom Penh or 27-kilometer distance from the provincial town, then turning left at the point 30 September by a trail inthe National Road No 6.

Is the cultural and natural site and locates at Ko Koh Village, Ko Koh Commune, Son Tuk District in 17-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the National Road No. 6, then turning left in 3,000-meter distance by a trail or 2,570-meter distance via Tro Nup pagoda.



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