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PREAH VIHEAR PROVINCE is located in the northeast of Cambodia and approximately 543 km from Phnom Penh City.

Preah Vihear covers an area of 13,788 square kilometers and The population is approximately 119,261.

Located at Svay Chrum Village, Kan Tout Commune, Choam Ksan District, on the mountain rank of Dang Rek (Preah Vihear mountain is 800 Meters x 400 Meters). The mountain has very steep side from Cambodia and gently sloping side from Thailand. Preah Vihear temple has 405-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh or 108-Kilometerdistance from the provincial town of Preah Vihear by road No 211 to the Choam Ksan District. At the mountain of Dang Rek, there is a stair stretching up the top where the Preah Vihear temple located.

Nowadays, most local people and venders usually go up the mountain by the Road C1 because it is easy to go. Preah Vihear temple is the historical site named "Se Khari Svarak" means "power of mountain" and was built at the end of 9th century and at the beginning of 10th century by four Kings namely: Preah Bat Yak So Varman I from AD 889-910. Preah Bat Sorya Varman I from AD 1002-1050 Preah Bat Sorya Varman II from AD 1113-1150 Preah Bat Chey Varman VI from AD 1080-1109. Preah Vihear temple was handed over by France to Thailand in 1954 and given back to Cambodia by the sentence of the La Er International Court dated 15 June 1962.

Located at Sra Yong Cheung Village, Sra Yong Commune, Ku Len District in 72-Kilometer distance from the provincial town.
The group of Koh Ker temples consist of 38 small temples in varied styles.
The distance from each temple is 2-5 Kilometers.
Koh Ker temple located on the highland of Kork Koki and was built by Preah Bat Chey Varman IV from AD 921-942.



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