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TAKEO PROVINCE is located in the south part of Cambodia, 87km from Phnom Penh City, Ta Keo can be reached by National Road No.2. It covers an area of 3,563 square kilometers and The population is around 790,168.

Located at Thnol Tak Sin Village, Krang Thnung Cummune, Ba Ti District, Takeo province in 35.5-kilometre distance from Phnom Penh; then turning right more two Kilometres by a trail. Tonle Bati, is a big worshipping place having two ancient temples, namely: Ta Prum Temple: Was built in 12th century and at the beginning of 13th century (1181-1201) during the reign of the king, Jarman VII, dedicated to Brahmanism and Buddhism.

Located at Ro Vieng Commune, Sam Roung District in 52-Kilometre distance from Phnom Penh and 26 Kilometres from the provincial town of Takeo. This temple made of sandstone and brick abiding by the style of Thmor Koh Keo. It is located in the yard of Neang Khmao pagoda and was built by the king, Jarman IV during 10th century. Most parts of Neang Khmao temple have also been damaged.

Historical Sites and Buildings, Location: Thnal Teaksen Village, Krang Thnong, Bati District 45 km (1h:8mn) From Provincial Town.

Historical Sites and Buildings, Location: Thnal Teaksen Village, Krang Thnong, Bati District 45 km (1h:8mn) From Provincial Town.

Phnom Da is the oldest historical site in Cambodia. It is the former ancient capital of Nor Kor Kouk Thlork located at Kouk Thlork commune, Angkor Borey District, Takeo province in the distance of 102 Kilometers from Phnom Penh. Phnom Da is 24-kilometer from the provincial town of Takeo.

Located at Sla Village, Ro Vieng Commune, Sam Roung District in 62-Kilometre distance from Phnom Penh. The mountain can be accessible by the National Road No 2 via Ba Ti District and Neang Khmao temple in one-hour drive from Phnom Penh, then turning more five Kilometres from the National Road No 2 by a trail. If we drive from the provincial town of Takeo, it will take 15 minutes in 17-Kilometre distance.

Chi So mountain has an ancient ruined temple; the temple is damaged, but is still better than other else in this area. On the top of the mountain, we can view the beautiful scenery of rice fields in Takeo province. The temple of Phnom Chi So was built on the top of a 380-metre height mountain by the King, Sorayak Varman I dedicated to Brahmanism in early 11th century (1002-1050).

Angkor Borei is a town in Takeo province in the area of several ruins and archaeological digs. The area has been continuously inhabited for at least 2500 years and has yielded artifacts dating from the Neolithic period, the Funan period (4th/5th century AD) and Chenla (8th century AD) as well as the later Angkorian period (9th-15th century AD.) There are no significant temple ruins at Angkor Borei but there is a very interesting little museum displaying artifacts from the area and providing information on recent archaeological digs.

About 20km from Angkor Borei is the hill of Phnom Da, crowned by an impressive 11th century Angkorian-era brick and sandstone prasat (tower) displaying some carvings in good condition. This structure was probably an upgrade of an previously existing 7th or 8th century structure. The temple was constructed under King Rudravarman and dedicated to Shiva.



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