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2WORLD TRAVEL - Travel Checklist
1. Passenger Names All passengers’ names must be correctly spelt and same as shown in passports.
2. Flight Details Please verify and confirm the travel dates and flight details on your itinerary are correct.
3. Entry Visas Please ensure all compulsory Entry Visas are duly applied and obtained for all countries of visit.
4. Transit Visas Please ensure all Transit Visas are duly applied for all stopovers and transit countries.
5. Passport Validity All passports must have at least 7 months of validity upon completion of return journey.
6. Ticketing Deadline Please issue your air tickets before your ticketing deadline to avoid flight auto-cancellation.
7. Travel Insurance Please purchase adequate travel insurance policy for your own protection.
8. Penalty Charge Once tickets are issued, there are applicable penalty and admin charges for any changes or cancellation to your booking. Please contact our Travel Consultant for more details.
9. Child Fare To qualify, the child must still be below 11 years old upon the return journey.
10. Infant Fare To qualify, the infant must still be below 24 months old upon the return journey.
11. Flight Reconfirmation Please reconfirm your flight departures at least 72hrs ahead for all applicable airlines.

Q: What information will you need when I make a booking?
A: We will need the passengers full name as it appears in their passport, your contact details and if it is an international trip, check passengers passport validity, validity must be more than 6months from the date of travel. Please be informed this is an airport authority restriction, even if it short 1day to 6months, the authority will not allow passenger to enter their country even if passenger travel on government purpose or personal purpose.

Q: When do I have to pay for my air ticket?
A: The airlines set rules as to when the latest time a ticket must be issued after a booking has been made with which we must comply. Every airline and every fare has a different rule If we do confirm the booking and commit payment by the deadline set by a respective airline, the fare is automatically cancelled by the reservation system and we would have to rebook the flights if possible. You may lose the fare originally quoted and your seats if the flight is full!

Q: Am I able to book my seats prior to departure?
A: Most airlines allow passengers and travel agents to pre-seat their clients, however, this is never guaranteed. Should there be an aircraft change or should the flights be re-scheduled, this information is discarded, and you are therefore never guaranteed of the seats reserved.

Q: Can I change my flights or cancel once my ticket has been issued?
A: Once again each airline has their own rules with regards to flight changes or cancellations. We advise you to always check what penalties there may be on the specific ticket you are purchasing...

Q: What happens to my air ticket if I did not fly for an unforeseen reason?
A: Depending on the rules of the ticket and the fare we would either hand it in for refund or you would be able to make use of it at a later stage.


Q: What is the usual baggage allowance for economy class or business class?
A: 20kg for economy class, 30kg for business class

Q: How do I travel with my golf clubs or other unusual items?
A: These items are treated as normal check-in luggage and therefore form part of your baggage allowance. Always ensure that your items are correctly packaged.

Q: How long do I need to be at the airport prior to departure?
A: For domestic flights, one hour before departure and between two and three hours for International departures.


Q: What happens if I fall ill or I am injured while travelling?
A: We are strongly recommend to buy travel insurance beforehand. If you pay for your air ticket by credit card, you are automatically covered by standard insurance.

Q: Are the trains in Cambodia safe?
A: Well there's only the one train that runs now -- from Phnom Penh to Battambang -- once a week. It's a very very very slow train, and the biggest issue is abject boredom. Come the evening, the passengers can get pretty drunk, so you'll want to keep your wits about you. Also, note the rook leaks, so wet season train runs are wet indeed.

Q: Is a fan room okay, or should I budget for air-con?
A: It depends. An air-con room can bring the sniffles along with cold air. Fan rooms are generally better ventilated and have easily opened windows -- often preferable in a beach hut. Cheaper air-con rooms in particular can be grimy and stuffy, often with air-con that doesn't actually work very well or is very noisy. If you can't open the windows and there is a blackout, they can be downright unpleasant.

On the other hand, if you're travelling in the steamy heat of March to May and you haven't acclimatised or you find it difficult to function in hot weather, air-con can be invaluable and worth the extra couple of dollars. Another issue with fan rooms is that by leaving the windows open at night you open yourself to the risk of theft.

Q: What are Cambodia's visa requirements?
A: A couple of photos, a valid passport and $20 are the official requirements for a month-long single entry tourist visa. This can be extended within the country, most easily through agents. Business visas are also available, costing $25, and can be extended for up to a year, with multiple entry.

The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched in mid 2006 an e-Visa programme that enables travellers to apply for their Cambodian visas online. With this new service, applicants are able to obtain a visa in 3 business days, with just a few clicks.

To apply for an e-Visa, applicants need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months, 2WORLD TRAVEL could assist you with that the visa costs US$25 and there is a $5 service fee. Note this visa is only good for arrival to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh international airports. Please send the passport copy and a recent passport size photos in JPEG format to Email: info@2worldtravel.com or filling up with this page
click here, when you will get the confirmation within 3days of E-visa.

Q: Are credit cards accepted in Cambodia?
A: Not generally, but most top-range hotels, Travel Agencies, some middle range and very few lower range hotels will accept them. Very few restaurants and bars accept them. Most travel agents prefer cash. If you can use them, expect to be charged a 3% surcharge.

Q: Is western food available in Cambodia?
A: In the major tourist centres western food of varying quality is available. Outside these areas, it's rare.

Q: Can I drink the tap water in Cambodia?
A: Generally, it's not a good idea. Rely on bottled water where possible.


Q: How can make a reservation through 2WORLD TRAVEL ?
A: Yes, of course you could make a reservation directly with the tour operator or travel agent you will need to contact them directly by Email: info@2worldtravel.com or Hot line +855 12 222 623. It is our policy to reply to all requests within 24 hours.

Q: What if the preferred hotel is not available?
A: You will be notified via an e-mail (within 24 hours after placing your order) and we will do our best to suggest you or book an alternative similar hotel according to our experiences.We are in good position to make the offer, make the booking and run the trip as we are a local tour operator.

Q: What is the latest time that I can make my reservation ?
A: Even if we accept all bookings that are made on the travel date, we can only guarantee bookings made at least 3-working days for days trip and excursions only (not including Sun & Public holidays) before the departure date. Any the earlier you book, the better chance you have to get a confirmed reservation. Kindly note that fares / seats / rooms are on first come first serve basis.

Q: How far ahead can I book?
A: You can book say 24 months in advance, but please ensure you remember you have made the reservation. We will charge only 100 US$ non refundable deposit and require full payment 30 days before departure.
You expect to receive the invoice before that to remind you the trip made.

Q: What happens to my tour booking if my flight is delayed ?
A: Please inform us and the hotel immediately as any additional or no charge will only depend on the hotel policy. We try our best to offer you the similar ground services.

Q: What are the different room categories ?
A: Unless stated otherwise we use run of house room for all our trips. Generally hotels tend to place their bedrooms within four different category :

The actual differences between the bedrooms varies from one hotel to another, with executive being the highest standard of room.

Single Room:
A single room is designed to accommodate one person only. The room contains one single bed or twin bed.
Double Room:
A double room is designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains one queen bed or king size bed or if not available a twin bed.
Twin Room:
A twin room is also designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains two single beds or if not available a king size bed.
Family Rooms There are two main types of family rooms, as follows :

Triple Room
A triple room is designed to accommodate three people only. The room will contain either :
One queen and one single bed
Three single beds:
Please specify which option you require when sending your reservation form.
Quad Room:
A quad room is designed to accommodate four people only. The room will contain either :
Two queen beds: One queen and two single beds, Four single beds
"Run Of House" is abbreviated as "ROH" includes the most common or standard type of room category in the hotel with basic amenities. Your room will be determined by the hotel, based on the availability at the time of check-in.

Please specify which option you require when sending your reservation form. We can also assist you in seeking accommodation that can accommodate more than four people in a room. Please specify the number of people in your party when completing your reservation request form.

Q: What are the check in and check out times ?
A: Normal policy of hotels is for check in time from 14:00 hours and the check out time before Noon (12:00 hrs.).
Early check-in or late check out available upon room's availability depending on your staying hotel. Extra charge may be applied.

Q: What does it mean the Rack Rate?

A: Every hotel has what is known in the hotelier industry as "rack rate", also known as full rate, published rate or just plain sucker rate. These are the top rates a hotel charges their guests.
While few guests actually "pay rack", hoteliers use these rates as a basis for discounting. Most hotels routinely offer discounts ranging from 10-30% simply for the asking.
Many business hotels offer bigger discounts on weekends when few business people travel. Likewise, resort hotels often discount their rates during the week and slash their rates during the off-season. Obtaining these discounted rates is often simply a matter of requesting the "corporate rate", "weekend package", or "low-season discount".

Since we, 2WORLD TRAVEL (CAMBODIA), book a thousand rooms with hotels/resorts in Cambodia and Indochina and we get the whole sales contract and we pass this saving on to you. You save up sometimes to 75% off rack rates. Book Online With Us Today!

Q: What meal is included ? What is the restaurant like?

A: The breakfast are included in the hotel. Others meals are included as stated in the program.
We use local restaurants for all our trips, we select restaurants by our experiences, clients satisfaction, locations and food.

Q: Can I have vegetarian food ?

A: yes, of course, you just select your preference on the special request part of the reservation form.

Q: Do you recommend a Travel Insurance ?

A: We strongly recommend that all clients take our travel comprehensive insurance when making a booking.
We recommend that insurance covers loss of deposit and other monies through cancellation, loss or damage to personal baggage and loss of money, medical expenses, and additional expenses to cover hotel accommodation and repatriation costs should any services need to be extended or curtailed due to illness or other insurance risk.

Q: Who Can I contact if I need the immediate help from 2WORLD TRAVEL?
A: If traveling with your tour guide, please contact with him first. If not, you can contact our Customer Service Manager by English and Khmer on 24/7: +855 12 222 623 – Ms. Ruby / Ms. Kelly

Q: Is there someone pick up me at airport?
A: Mostly our tour package is airport to airport so check if your airport transfer included or not on our services voucher.

Q: Do you have e-tickets in Cambodia?
A: Cambodia Angkor Airways (K6), among very few airlines companies, offers electronic ticket. If an electronic ticket is available, we will issue an electronic ticket instead of a paper ticket, unless a paper ticket is specifically requested by the customer. Electronic tickets will be emailed or faxed to the customer.

Q: How can I receive delivery of a paper airline ticket?
A: The method and cost of delivery of ticket will depend on your location and your preferences.
For customers in Phnom Penh city, we offer free delivery of your tickets to your local residence or office address.

For customers outside Vietnam, tickets can be purchased in advance and held for delivery later to a hotel or resort or can be shipped internationally at the time of purchase. International shipping is available by Federal Express, DHL or a local provider within Cambodia at the customer’s choice, and all shipping fees will be paid by the customer.

Q: How Do I Know 2WORLD TRAVEL is Qualified?

A: You will have your own personal tour operator available every minute of every day to make sure that everything goes smoothly. From this email on, you make arrangements with us, the same specialist from start to finish with the 24/7 support by our team.

2WORLD TRAVEL is a 100% fully registered and privately-owned Cambodian company. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations. 2WORLD TRAVEL has a good reputation in tourism industry in Cambodia and fully licensed as tour operators, travel agent and recongized as a leading luxury holiday and vacation organizer arranging private and group/private individual tours to Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, China and in Cambodia.

Q: You Are Tour Company, When I Purchase a Standard Tour Package From You, Can I Expect the best services?
Yes, We Sell the Tour Packages Are Mentioned Clearly: Standard (3 star hotel), Superior (4 star) and Deluxe (5 star or more) based mostly on the accommodation and Style of The Package. You Expect You Pay for What You Get in Return. Overall Whatever the Standard or Luxury, You Enjoy Our High Quality of Service for Each Tour Package Caterogy You Purchase. Our Team Ensure You The Best Value For Money and Our Local Travel Experts Are Available Around The Clook For Your Support. We Are Here To Ensure A Worry and Hassle Free Holiday in Our Country.

Q: What is the difference between adjoining room and connecting room?
Both of them are appropriate for family and a couple of friends who want staying together and near each others. Connecting room means there are 2 separate rooms connected by a door. Adjoining room which includes 2 rooms connected by a door has only one entrance main door.

Q: Why Should I Book Private Tours or Set itineraries With Scheduled Departure Dates?
A: While most companies present a number of set itineraries with scheduled departure dates, thus forcing you to fit within their framework, we take a very different approach. At 2World Travel, we offer private luxury vacations in South East Asia. Awarded luxury tour operator, we offer private vacation itineraries that are personalized and tailor-made to perfectly fit your interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you are traveling as a couple, a family, a group of friends, an organization, or some combination thereof, we will put together a trip that fits everybody’s desires and departs when you want!

The real beauty of private travel is having flexibility during your vacation. Because you have your own expert guides with private vehicles, you are free to make changes on a whim. Then by all means, please do this and more! There is no bus to catch, no rigid schedule to follow, and no large group with competing demands. This is your vacation with your own private guides who are there each step of the way to ensure you have the perfect experience.

Private luxury travel is also about receiving the best service available, which includes incredible attention to detail, help with every facet of your vacation, and unsurpassed expertise. We deliver all this and more.

Our travel advisors and guides are some of the best in the industry and we all follow one simple rule: You are our most important priority. We will do absolutely whatever it takes to ensure you have the easiest, most satisfying vacation experience to date.



  • Experienced Staff
  • Experienced Tour Guide
  • Official local Tour operator
  • Dynamic service
  • Personalized service
  • Absolutely no hidden fee
  • Absolutely no extra fee
  • No Force Shopping
  • No Tourist Trap
  • We commit the satisfaction
  • Best value-for-money rates
  • 100% SSL online payment
  • 24 hours Hot-line Support

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